5 Fun STEM Water Experiments at Home with Kids

STEM activities using water is a fun and educational way to keep your kids engaged. Especially when it’s hot outside! Beat the heat and keep their brains stimulated with educational experiences that’ll create unforgettable memories.

Safe Drinking Water 

There are a few different ways to teach kids about safe drinking water.

Grab a water testing kit and use any water outlet around your home to turn this water experiment into an educational experiment that teaches kids about water safety. 

Don’t have access to a water testing kit? You can also learn about pH (acidic and basic) properties using items found in your kitchen.

Last but not least, your kids can learn how to remove salt from saltwater in this Water Desalinization Project to create safe drinking water.

Check out these other water testing ideas.

Does The Can Float? 

This is a fun activity using soda cans that shows how the density of different canned drinks affects whether they float or not.

Build A Water Clock or Compass

This simple STEM project will take no time to teach kids a little about history, math, engineering, timekeeping and more. Or they can build a compass using water and household items. 

Make Oobleck & Soap

Making oobleck is fun for all ages. Kids can explore the difference in liquids using household items for an exciting sensory experience.

Ready for the next creation? Create your own soap! Soap Jellies are another fun sensory activity that’s easy to make. Check out these other DIY Soap Projects.

Build a Leak Proof Bag 

This interesting experiment seems impossible, but fascinating when you know the science behind it! Kids can learn to build a leak proof bag filled with water and pierced through with tons of pencils.

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