5 Reasons You Need A Water Softener

Why do you need the best water softener for your home? First, let’s talk about the effects of hard water and how to determine if you have a hard water issue before determining if you need a water softener.

What is Hard Water?

The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, largely calcium and magnesium. It can occur with both well water and city water. 

In general, hard water is safe to drink and use for everyday tasks like washing clothes. But there are a lot of negative effects you might want to know when considering if you need to get a water softener. 

Negative effects of hard water:

  • Your skin becomes itchy and dry 
  • There’s a strange smell or taste of your water
  • Your dishes never seem to be super clean after washing them, leaving water spots or residue
  • The lifespan of your washer, dishwasher and other appliances that use water are dying out earlier than expected
  • The color of your clothes have faded or look dull
  • There’s excessive lime and scale buildup along the walls of sinks and showers
  • You have low water pressure

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What is a Water Softener?

A water softener filters out and lessens the hardness of water. But not all water softeners are created equal. The best water softener systems, like at Basin Water Solutions, are ideal for all types of properties and provides the following benefits:

  • A complete line of professional water softener systems that are sized specifically for each household and water demand.
  • Removes minerals (calcium, magnesium) in hard water that causes scale deposits on plumbing fixtures, shower doors, dishes, etc.
  • Increases the life and efficiency of appliances that use water (washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, etc. 
  • Programmable computer metered 1″ control valve that delivers up to 27 gallons per minute flow rates.
  • Efficient control valve reduces water discharge and salt consumption during regeneration.
  • High-quality 10% cross-link resin to extend the lifespan of the resin bed.
  • Systems are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Top 5 Reasons You Need A Water Softener

1) Allows for softer skin and cleaner hair.

If you or a loved one has preexisting skin conditions, such as eczema, hard water can worsen symptoms. High levels of mineral deposits in water are also known to suck out moisture. A water softener can alleviate these symptoms and improve the quality of life.

2) Your water tastes better and there is no scent. 

If your water has a “funky” flavor or scent, a water softener can help remove that to give you a pleasant drinking and washing water experience. It’s important to stay hydrated and clean, refreshing water is the way to go.

3) You spend less time cleaning your home.

The minerals in hard water tend to have an adverse reaction to soaps, making it difficult for stains and residue to go away. On average, water softeners reduce up to 50% of soap usage. Not only does this help save money in the long run, but it also improves the cleanliness of your dishes and makes washing them a little bit less of a daunting task.

4) Your clothes look brighter and bolder, and last longer.

The minerals in hard water do not mix well with detergent. Unfortunately, this occurrence usually causes clothes to become old-looking, dull, and worn much before their time. A water softener will improve the vibrancy of color in clothing, prolong its life, and ensure your favorite t-shirt stays feeling soft and comfy rather than itchy and scratchy.

5) Your appliances last longer. 

According to The Water Quality Association, hard water damage wreaks havoc on most major home appliances. On average, a washing machine lasts 7.7 years instead of the expected 11 years when using hard water. In contrast, soft water helps exceed the expected lifespan on appliances and gets rid of stains at lower temperatures.

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Choosing The Best Water Softener

When you have a good water softening system, the minerals in your water will properly balance out. At Basin Water Solutions, our professionals are experts in the sales and service of water softeners, and specialize in:

  • Water softening services
  • Chloramine removal 
  • Reverse osmosis system service
  • Water treatment systems
  • Water softeners
  • Water treatments
  • Water filters
  • Reverse osmosis system service
  • Commercial water softener
  • Water softener service
  • Water softener resin
  • Soft water treatment
  • Reverse-osmosis systems
  • Well-water treatment

For the best water softener solutions and whole house filtration services in Odessa, Denton, San Marcos, and surrounding areas, get in touch with Basin Water Solutions today. You will discover a surprising difference in the quality and taste of your water.

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