Finding the Best Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

What is Reverse Osmosis and Why is it Relevant? 

5 Stage Ro System With Storage Tank

If your goal is to step-up your home’s water filtration system, reverse osmosis is the way to go. Whether the objective is to improve taste, quality, or reduce contaminants, a reverse osmosis water system is the best choice. 

If you’ve ever had a glass of water that came from a reverse osmosis system, you know just how refreshing and crisp it tastes. This distinctive quality that separates it from other water filtration methods is due to the process the water undergoes. So what exactly is reverse osmosis and how does it work?  

Let’s begin by talking about the process seawater undergoes to remove salt, desalination. To make water safe and drinkable, separating the salt is necessary. This process is called reverse osmosis. 

Reverse osmosis is molecules passing through a semipermeable membrane that allows filtration. For example, in the case of saltwater, it passes through the membrane to a less concentrated solution. This action leaves freshwater on one side and salt on the other side. The same method works on other contaminants found in water, such as impurities, physical substances, minerals, and much more. 

Reverse Osmosis Systems Vs. Other Water Filters 

Reverse osmosis systems surpass other methods of filtration due to their unique process. Therefore, it is safe to say that when one is looking for taste, quality, and a seeable difference, a reverse osmosis system is the best choice when compared to other water filtration systems.

In many cases, the kitchen is the point of use of a reverse osmosis system. The reason for this is because many homeowners want to treat their cooking and drinking water. Not only does the water that receives reverse osmosis taste better to drink in comparison to other water filters, but many people report that it improves the taste of cooked meals as well. 

In contrast, to reverse osmosis systems, other water filters tend to focus on treating the water of the entire building. The purpose of many water filtration systems tends to be for cleaning, laundry, bathing, and similar uses. However, the higher flow rate means a reduction in the quality of the water. The water is generally filtered but lacks the detail-orientated filtration level that reverse osmosis systems offer. 

Potential Dangers of Unfiltered Water

The water we consume and the water that we use for daily tasks have different requirements. Ideally, one’s drinking water should be carefully filtered and free of all harmful contaminants because it enters the body. 

According to the EPA, the Safe Drinking Water Act, a federal law set to protect public drinking water throughout the entire United States, regulates less than 100 contaminants. However, thousands of contaminants exist. Studies have also shown that drinking water that is contaminated, such as tap water, can lead to unwanted side effects, especially over a long period. Some of the potential hazards that correlate with contaminated water include:

  • Increase in one’s internal toxic load. Water is supposed to help the body flush out toxins. Unfortunately, when water is contaminated, it has a counter effect and may do the opposite of its intended purpose.
  • Possible contribution to poor skin conditions. Skin burns and rashes may worsen when exposed to contaminated water.
  • Exposure to harmful elements. Some harmful components found in drinking water include barium, traces of lead, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, PCBs, and more. 
  • High probability of contaminants in water. In a research study that analyzed over 36,000 samples of tap water across the nation, it is estimated that as many as 6 million people are exposed to unsafe, toxic levels of drinking water.
  • Some of the chemicals found in unfiltered water are linked to health problems. The health problems associated with the contaminants include everything from compromised immune systems and digestive issues. For example, fluoride, which is commonly found in tap water, can negatively impact one’s thyroid gland. The thyroid plays a vital role in one’s overall health and healthy metabolic function. 

There is no way to say for sure whether contaminants found in water will be detrimental to one’s health. However, the only way to ensure one’s water is healthy and free of harmful toxins is by proper filtration. A reverse osmosis system safeguards water consumption so that you and your loved ones can have peace of mind.

Get Healthier Water With the Best Reverse Osmosis System

At Basin Water Solutions, our 5 stages and 50 gallons per day reverse osmosis drinking water system provides the following benefits: 

  • Most convenient and economical method of reducing unwanted contaminants found in drinking water.
  • It provides clean, clear, refreshing drinking water.
  • 3/8″ Hydrofit Quick Connect fittings for full water volume flow.
  • High-quality sediment and double carbon prefilters.
  • TCF membrane element.
  • A coconut shell carbon polishing post-filter is included.
  • Optional 6th stage alkaline filter can be installed if desired.
  • Assembled with NSF components.
  • Includes high quality 3 Gallon RO storage tank.
  • Upgraded lead-free long reach faucet with multiple options for finishes to match current kitchen fixtures.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty.

RO Drinking Water System with Booster Pump (2)

To learn more about reverse osmosis, water softeners, filters, and ways to improve the quality of your water sources in San Marcos and the surrounding 100-mile radius, get in touch with Basin Water Solutions today. They have over 40 years of industry experience when it comes to water filtration systems and helped many residents in the local community vastly improve the taste and quality of their water. 

Basin Water Solutions specializes in the water improvement needs of both residential and commercial properties and can assist you in finding the best water solution based on your specific needs. Whether your goal is to have contaminant-free water drinking water for your home or business, they will provide you with options that best suit your requirements, expectations, and budget. 

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