No Pool? Fun Water Activities For Kids During the Texas Summer

Don’t have a pool? That doesn’t mean your kids have to be stuck inside to stay cool and resort to indoor activities to be entertained. They can still enjoy the Texas summer heat with splashes of fun right in your backyard. It’s time to get outside and spark imagination, boost creativity, promote fun exercise, and get a little Vitamin D. 

Whether you want to set up a water olympics tournament, minute-to-win-it water games, or simply have outdoor activities to stay cool, check out these fun things to do with water and beat the heat! 

Slip and Slide Games

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  • Slip and Slide Kickball — Set up four Slip and Slide tarps with “bases” at the end of each slide to create a kickball field, similar to a baseball field diamond. Then play ball! 
  • Slip and Slide Bowling — Add objects at the end of a slip and slide tarp and play “human bowling,” where you use your body to slide and knock down the objects. 
  • Slip and Slide Relay — Using one slip and slide, two people race to the end at the same time, or you can add two slip and slides parallel to each other for a relay race. There can be objects (like a sponge, flag, etc.) at the end of the slide that each member of the team has to retrieve and bring back to the next person in line. The team who finishes the quickest wins. 

Water Balloon Games

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  • Water Balloon Toss — This traditional game requires a team of two, and can become a tournament with multiple teams. Starting out a couple feet apart, toss the water balloon to your teammate. If they successfully catch the balloon without popping it, both of you take a step back and toss the balloon again. See who gets the furthest without popping the balloon. 
  • Water Balloon Volleyball — If you have a net or horizontal barrier, you can play 2-player volleyball with another team. Using a towel to catch the water balloon as it comes over the “net,” your team slings it back over to the other side. Whoever pops the balloon loses.
  • Water Balloon Corn Hole — Don’t have corn hole boards? You can use any type of board and just add tape for targets. Those standing on the other end of the board will get a good splash!
  • Water Balloon Piñata— Attach a water balloon to a string and tie to a tree branch. Grab a bat or other stick and make sure the participant is blind folded. Each participant gets 3 chances to burst the balloon.
  • Water Balloon Baseball — You don’t need a big backyard to “play ball” when you use water balloons. It’s a great way to practice your swing!
  • Water Balloon Dodgeball — It’s exactly what you picture with a regular dodgeball. Dodge the water balloon or catch it without letting it burst. If you let the balloon pop or get hit with a water balloon, you’re out. Last one standing wins. 
  • Water Balloon Hide-and-Seek — It’s the outdoor game of hide-and-seek, but if you get found, you get hit with a water balloon. 
  • Water Balloon Football — A friendly game of tag football just got better with water balloons. You can twist this game however you want, but one option is to use water balloons to “tag” a player with the ball that would act as a tackle. Or you can play flag football but protect the water balloon and try to reach the end zone without bursting it.  

Water Tag Games

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  • Water Gun Tag — Tag, you’re it! You can play water tag however you want. If you get sprayed with the water, allow 5 seconds for the other player to run and it’s your turn to chase. 
  • Duck, Duck, Splash — The traditional game of Duck, Duck, Goose but everyone gets a little splash in this game. The person going around the circle will splash a little water on everyone’s head, but the person they pick to chase them will get the whole cup dumped on their head! They have to chase them around the circle and try to catch them before they sit down in their spot. If they don’t beat them to it, they are now “it.”
  • Water Gun Sharks and Minnows — Assign someone to be the “shark.” When the shark says “go,” all of the minnows run across the yard to the other side before they are tagged by the shark’s water gun. If they get tagged by the water, they become a shark and try to tag minnows the next round. Or you can set up a sprinkler in the yard to ensure everyone gets wet as they run across and instead of using a water gun for the shark, the shark has to run and tag the minnow.

Water Paint

Photo credit: Mas and Pas Parenting Village

  • Tie Dye Shirts — The goal is to not get wet while tie dying t=shirts, but it’s a fun activity using water nonetheless. 
  • Ice Painting — Freeze paint into an ice tray and take them out to use as cold paint on a canvas, You can also do this with watered down chalk and freezing it to use on the sidewalk. 

Water Hose Games

Photo credit: iSchoolsConsortium

  • Sprinkler Twister — The game of Twister just got slippery. Wadding a water sprinkler nearby the game tarp is a fun and cool challenge to this twisted game. 
  • Water Silhouette — Have someone stand next to a dry exterior wall (preferably brick) and gently spray the person down standing directly in front of them for a couple seconds. When they move away from the wall, their silhouette will show in the dry part of the wall. A fun photo op! 
  • Water Limbo — Use a water hose to do the limbo! If you get wet, you’re out. Last one left wins.
  • Water Sprinkler Jump — Young children love this simple activity of running and jumping over a sprinkler head.  

Hydration Stations

Photo credit: Chegg Play

  • Flavored Water Competition — Everyone gets creative to make their own version of a flavored water, then each person does a taste test to vote on their favorite water. A fun way to stay hydrated! Winner gets to pick which ice cream, popsicle, fro yo, or snow cone stand they want to visit for the afternoon. 
  • Popsicle Station — Dish out several fruits, treats, juices and syrups for everyone to make their own popsicles. You can add each of their concoctions to a popsicle mold or ice cube slot to freeze and serve later.  
  • Cold Dessert Bar — Pick the main dish (ice cream, slushies, frozen yogurt, etc) and put out bowls of toppings to make their own fun cold dessert to stay cool. 
  • Water Pong — This family-friendly version is a fun way to stay hydrated. Set 10 cups in triangle form at each end of a table and fill each one with water (gatorade, lemonade, etc). Each person has to get a ping pong ball into a cup at the other end of the table. If a ball lands in the cup, the other person has to drink what’s in the cup and remove the cup. The person who gets a ball in every cup wins the game. 

Productive Water Activities

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  • Wash The Car — Washing the car by hand can be a fun activity for kids to get soapy, wet and clean. They’ll never know it’s a chore! 
  • Water The Garden — Just because you’re watering the plants, doesn’t mean you can’t get wet and stay cool too! 
  • Wash The Dog — Not only will this fun activity make your fur baby feel super loved, but you’ll also love the way your pet smells once you’re done giving him a scrub. 

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