The Top 5 Water Filtration Systems for Your Home

Despite common belief, not all water is “good” water. Unfiltered water can contain all types of debris, chemicals, minerals, impurities, and other physical properties that can change its taste and smell. Unfortunately, the same contaminants can also be harmful to one’s health when consumed regularly. Many bacteria and microscopic organisms in tap water can lead to mild-to-severe illnesses.

Not only does a water filter purify water of contaminants and makes the water safe to drink, but it also improves the taste and overall quality. For example, reverse osmosis systems are considered safe for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, as the filtration ensures that the water is healthy and contaminant-free.

Noteworthy Benefits and Uses for the Top Five Water Filtration Systems

Here is a list of the top five water filtration systems available in the greater Texas area. Each one has distinct qualities, advantages, and benefits, which include:  

  1. 10″ Whole House Sediment Filter Housing –  20 Micron Filter System: 
  • Resistant to chemicals and suspended solids.
  • Captures and removes waterborne contaminants such as rust, sediment, silt, and sand without reducing the water flow.
  • Constructed with a coreless design, binder, and filter that is adhesive-free.
  • Utilizes 4 separate layers of depth filtration for quality assurance.
  •  Tested and Certified under NSF International under ANSI/NSF 42.
  • Inexpensive prefiltration solution for whole house water filtration.
  • Prevents corrosion from galvanized plumbing from entering the water supply. 
  • Filter replacement is conveniently bi-yearly for maximum performance.
  • Aside from being a popular option for homeowners, sediment filters are also commonly used in restaurants and coffee shops to ensure excellent food and beverage quality. 
  1. Catalytic Carbon Filtration System with Back Washing Valve:
  • Centaur catalytic carbon media is specifically prepared for the removal of chloramines.
  • Many health hazards are linked to chloramines, such as skin problems, kidney complications, and digestive issues to name a few.
  • Chlorine, disinfection by-products, VOC, and pharmaceuticals from municipal water supplies are all removed by the filtration system. 
  •  This is an effective solution to remove Hydrogen Sulfide from water that is sourced from a well. Hydrogen Sulfide consumption is linked to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and nausea.
  • This system makes a great whole house filter for city water use as well, especially when chloramines are present.
  • Provides 4 gal/min flow rate per cubic ft. of carbon media for maximum removal of chloramines.   
  • Many people who have switched to a catalytic carbon filtration system happily report seeing improvements in skin complexion and softer-feeling hair after regular use and water consumption.
  1. Iron Breaker Filter System:
  • Controls and eliminates H2S (rotten egg odor) and iron, which are most commonly found in well-sourced water. 
  • Natural, chemical-free alternative to treating problem water. It utilizes nature’s own oxidation process without the need for aerators, compressors, or external ventures.
  • Eliminates yellow/brown staining on plumbing fixtures from iron and increases the longevity of appliances, plumbing, and clothes. 
  • No need to handle harsh chemicals or regularly maintenance complicated equipment, which makes enjoying clean water easy every day. 
  1. UV Light Disinfection Filtration System: 
  • A reliable and economical way to safeguard drinking water for both residential and commercial premises. 
  • Being chemical-free, it eliminates the need to handle hazardous chemicals entirely. 
  • An environmentally-friendly option that requires low energy consumption.
  • Ideal for well water applications where microbes and bacteria are present.
  • Removes E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia to deliver safe worry-free drinking water.
  • Easy maintenance and affordable equipment costs and installation. 
  1. Sand Separator
  • Removes sand and dirt inside residential or commercial water supply that restricts flow, clogs fixtures, and damages appliances.
  • Best application for water containing heavy sand, silt, or dirt content.
  • Eliminate all backwashing from the water. 
  • No cartridges to change or screens to clean.
  • Contains a simple purge valve to flush all sand and dirt. An optional auto-purge valve can also be installed.
  • NSF Certified.

Deciding on a water filtration system that best fits a property’s needs can be a challenge, as well as overwhelming. When considering all of the advantageous and uses each system has to offer, it is essential to ask yourself which system best fits your requirements and expectations. 

If you find that you are still struggling to make a decision, seeking the help of a trusted water filtration company can help guide you in the selection process. A water treatment professional will assess your property and expectations in order to make the best recommendation possible. 

Still Not Convinced? Consider the ”Bigger Picture” Advantages Water Filter Systems Provide 

Commercial Water Filtration And Reverse Osmosis System

Proper hydration helps the body get rid of toxins, maintain an ideal weight, and produce essential bodily fluids. Adequate water intake also contributes to increased energy levels, fewer headaches, better health, and hydrated skin.

However, insufficient water consumption can increase your chances of developing chronic fatigue, higher levels of toxins in the body, sugar cravings, premature wrinkles, and many other undesirable symptoms. 

With the human body being made up of 60% water, it is no stretch to say that water is life. The quality of water one drinks is as essential as regularly consuming enough water to stay hydrated. Here are some of the best benefits water filters can provide:

  •  Water softeners and filters beat out water bottles in almost every way. Surprisingly, many water bottle companies have a smaller set of regulations than most tap water.
  • water filtration system is environmentally-friendly and reduces the use of plastic bottles. It is no surprise how polluting plastic bottles are to the environment. On average, 80% of plastic bottles go unrecycled and 24 million liters of oil are used to produce plastic bottles. Switching to a water filter helps reduce these statistics and lessens one’s carbon footprint on the environment.
  • On average, those who drink from a water filter enjoy the taste more. It is crisper, odorless, and more refreshing. It also provides better water quality for all of your cooking needs.
  • You will save money in the long run. According to the EPA, the average cost of a gallon of bottled water is about $1.20. Tap water, on the other hand, is about $2/1,000 gal. When compared, bottled water is over 600 times the cost of tap water. Over a lifetime, it adds up!
  • You are more likely to drink water. The upfront investment of a water filter is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, with the improved taste in water, you’ll find fewer reasons to reach for other beverages. 

Whether your goal is to improve the quality of water for your loved ones or your customers and employees, a water filtration system can help reach those goals. It is the most cost-effective and efficient way to improve long-term water consumption.   

To learn more about water filters and how installing a system can benefit you, reach out to Basin Water Solutions today. Their company has over 36 years of experience in the water treatment industry and is a top-water solution provider in the local communities. They can assist you with everything involving water filters and provide you with details, such as the installation process, affordable costs, and which system best fits your particular residential or commercial property.  They proudly serve San Marcos, TX, and the surrounding 100-mile radius.

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