The Top 5 Water Filtration Systems for Your Home

Despite common belief, not all water is “good” water. Unfiltered water can contain all types of debris, chemicals, minerals, impurities, and other physical properties that can change its taste and smell. Unfortunately, the same contaminants can also be harmful to one’s health when consumed regularly. Many bacteria and microscopic organisms in tap water can lead to […]

Finding the Best Water Softener System

In a market saturated with water filters and softeners, it’s hard for homeowners to figure out which is the best water softener system for their homes. About 8.5 in 10 homes in the United States experience some degree of hard water and Texas is no exception to this statistic, with San Antonio being one of […]

Finding the Best Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

What is Reverse Osmosis and Why is it Relevant?  5 Stage Ro System With Storage Tank If your goal is to step-up your home’s water filtration system, reverse osmosis is the way to go. Whether the objective is to improve taste, quality, or reduce contaminants, a reverse osmosis water system is the best choice.  If […]

No Pool? Fun Water Activities For Kids During the Texas Summer

Don’t have a pool? That doesn’t mean your kids have to be stuck inside to stay cool and resort to indoor activities to be entertained. They can still enjoy the Texas summer heat with splashes of fun right in your backyard. It’s time to get outside and spark imagination, boost creativity, promote fun exercise, and […]

5 Reasons You Need A Water Softener

Why do you need the best water softener for your home? First, let’s talk about the effects of hard water and how to determine if you have a hard water issue before determining if you need a water softener. What is Hard Water? The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium […]

RO, Water Softener, or Water Filtration: Which one do you need?     

There’s an endless supply of water filters and softeners being sold in the world, making it difficult for homeowners to determine what they really need for their home (and choosing the best one). So how do you choose? Whether you need a water filter, water softener, or reverse osmosis system depends on your home’s needs.  […]

4 Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing during the Winter in Texas

Texas winter comes in all shapes and sizes depending on where you live. For some folks, winter means wearing a light jacket, while others prep for what seems like a winter apocalypse. But if you’ve ever dealt with freezing temperatures as a homeowner, you know how serious it is to ensure your home (including pipes) […]

How to Survive a Winter Storm in Texas (& Protect Your Home)

As we said in 4 Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing during the Winter in Texas, the Texas winter comes in all shapes and sizes depending on where you live. And just when we thought 2020 was bad enough, 2021 came rolling in with a record-breaking winter storm that blew through the entire state (even into […]

Is Softened Water Safe for Plants? Here’s the Scoop.

Spring is in the air and it’s calling all wannabe green thumbs to turn their yards (or homes) into botanical escapes. But when rain water isn’t the main source of nourishment for your plants, what kind of water should you be using to help your green beauties grow healthy and strong? Keep reading below to […]

How to Safely Turn Rain Water into Drinking Water

The human body is made up of 60% water and the earth is over 70% water, but there is always a need for more water. Thankfully, we have nature to return the favor.  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), harvesting rainwater is considered a solution for water scarcity including droughts and desertification. Over 50% […]